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Residential and Commercial Property in Aalambagh, LUCKNOW, UP, INDIA

Lucknow is the residential and financial center of uttar pradesh and lucknow property market is one of the most attractive investment options amongst investors today. Presence of top real estate builders, world class construction techniques, state-of-the-art projects and good career options are some of the reasons. Also, there are several posh localities in lucknow that make it a viable option for people to invest in residential and commercial property

After development of Greater Noida, Noida, Gorakhpur, and Bihar, it is time for capital of uttar pradesh lucknow to show growth in real estate. Compared to tier I cities, real estate is growing in tier II cities such as kanpur, lucknow etc. as more numbers of companies are shifting to these cities for exploring the low cost operations. A lot of developers who work in the NCR region are showing interest in peripheral city such as lucknow. In terms of supply and demand in the real estate sector lucknow is quite promising. The capital value of apartments has noted a median escalation of roughly 10 to 15 percent within the city and the values continue to appreciate.